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Pont Alexandre III in Paris by engagement photographer- Luke Sezeck

I am a lucky guy, I truly am. I had a chance to visit so many cities when creating my destination wedding photography for almost ten years now. But Paris..  this one is so unique. Every time I’m there as a Paris engagement photographer or wedding photographer I fall in love with the energy this city has for me. It’s one of my favorites – no questions about that. It is simply magical and there is no doubt that Paris is one of those cities that will never stop catching attention and couples will travel there to elope or to get engaged along with the lamps on Pont Alexandre III or in other romantic city spots.

As so many couples are choosing those famous and popular Paris locations at first, I’m sure that at least some of you will search for alternative photo shoot locations in Paris in order to avoid crowds and to have more creative and unique couple photography, that clearly stands out and dominates 90% of Paris engagement photographers work that you can find in Google. I decided to write this post to share with you some of my favorite locations in Paris for photo shoot taht I found perfect for creative wedding and engagement Paris photography. After reading my article you will learn about most popular packages Paris photographers offer and about the price range of engagement photo shoot in French capital. Let’s get started.

Alternative engagement photography in Paris- the guide on how to plan your Paris engagement right

Ritz Paris and city panorama by Luke Sezeck

Paris is so well known from such masterpieces like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triumph, Galleries Lafayette, Palais Royale and so much more… Apart from that you will easily find classical Parisian gardens or original urban spots like Place Vendome or Trocadero. Those are absolutely top famous photo locations for a nice wedding or engagement photo session in Paris. Yet, are they obligatory or the only ones you should have on your checklist while having a couple photo shoot in the French capital? In my opinion, you should definitely consider at least few alternative Paris photography locations, especially when those really popular ones might be crowded and therefore much less intimate. Where should you go then for an engagement session in Paris?

Creative photo shoot with Luke Sezeck – Paris engagement photographer

engagement photography in Paris gardens by Luke Sezeck

Mia and Julian are New Yorkers living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, who love Paris and always wanted to visit. When their trip to France was already scheduled it was obvious that Paris is the best place for them to get officially engaged. Julian has found my destination wedding photography when searching the web for Paris engagement photographer and liked my natural and candid style right away. Additionally, I was on the Junebug Weddings’ list for best Paris wedding photographer and this also helped them to find me. After a couple of emails and a skype chat we knew that this is going to be a lot of fun to work together.

I was very excited to meet Mia and Julian as I used to live in New York for a while and love the city’s energy and its people. I also could not wait to photo shoot them as they asked me to find at least three or four spots that will serve as alternative Paris engagement locations to those very popular spots like the Eiffel Tower or Louvre. Having the additional research done I had few options for them and hoped they will like it as much as I did. I decided to meet with them in the first of my alternative points on the Paris map, which was just perfect for a tea and a very warm chat. This helped us to know each other better, relax, and talk through the plan of our Paris engagement photo shoot. The place where we started was the Museum of Romantic Life (Musée de la Vie Romantique), which stands at the foot of Montmartre Hill in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. What are my other alternative Paris couple photo shoot locations then?

Here are my top six ideas for a quick engagement photo shoot locations in Paris

1. Museum of Romantic Life (Musee de la Vie Romantique) Address: 16 Rue Chaptal, Paris

Located at the foot of Montmartre Hill in the 9th arrondissement of Paris always serves me as a great place to meet my couples and start their engagement or elopement photo shoot at the same time. The Museum is in the old “Hotel Particular” building from 1830 and I love its minimal style and calm tones of white and green. The Museum itself is quite small, but what caught my eye from the first visit was the beautiful, moody garden and the courtyard. This is where we took the first shots with Mia and Julian. The whole surrounding has this very positive vibe and if you are there in the morning or before noon, you can have this space pretty much for yourselves, as we did. I recommend this spot for couple session in Paris also because it’s the best starting point for your Paris photo session, especially if you want to further explore the Montmartre district. You can find more information about this place on its website: http://museevieromantique.paris.fr/encouple engagement photo shoot in museum of romantic life by Paris photographer - Luke Sezeckcute couple engagement portrait in Montmartre district of Paris, France by Luke SezeckLuke Sezeck - Paris wedding photographer shoot american couple in Montmartre gardens

2. Museum of Montmartre (Musee de Montmartre) and Montmartre district

You may probably already heard that no visit to Montmartre is complete without visiting the Museum of Montmartre. It is certainly one of Paris’ most charming museums indeed. But if you are a Paris engagement photographer, you need to keep in mind that if you are about to shoot a typical wedding couple (wedding dress and suit) the museum management can charge you a wedding fee which is quite expensive. Yet, if you are shooting engagement as I did with my couple, all you need to do is buying regular tickets. Here, the same as in the Museum of Romantic Life, the garden is very climatic and charming. For engagement photo sessions I would also suggest choosing rather early hours to avoid tourists.

What I discovered there, it was this kind of a hidden part of the garden behind the second building – in the back of the main park. I found it really calm and atmospheric and totally empty. This is where we took the most intimate shots – some of them with a really nice view of the lower part of Montmartre. Take a closer look and find a tiny vineyard in the background called Vignes du Clos Montmartre or La Vigne de Montmartre – not often to be found in the heart of the big city, right? Check this spot and you won’t be disappointed. Go and find more information about this place on its website: https://museedemontmartre.fr/en/Couple just got engaged in Montmartre, Paris - photo by Luke SezeckIntimate engagement portrait in Paris by Luke Sezeck wedding photographer - Montmartrecouple engagement shoot in Montmartre by Paris photographer - Luke Sezeck

3. Pont des Arts and Pont Neuf

Our Paris engagement photo shoot continues on the Pont des Arts- a well-known pedestrian bridge in Paris which crosses the Seine river and links the Institut de France and the central square of the Palais du Louvre. This might not be the most alternative spot for Paris engagement shoot (rather the very opposite) but there is a chance you will going there anyways. Pont Neuf offers you a very nice overview of the Seine river and the city on both sides. I strongly recommend being there with your camera ready for engagement session right after the sunrise or early morning to capture the awakening city of Paris, catch the best light, and avoid the pedestrians. From Pont Neuf, you have easy access to the biggest city gardens like Jardin des Tuileries and Jardins des Champs-Élysées, which also might be a nice and relaxing walk and great opportunity to capture some natural couple photos.Crative engagement portrait in Paris by Luke Sezeck wedding photographer - Pont NeufCrative engagement photography in Paris by Luke Sezeck photographer - Pont Neuf Alternative engagement photographer in Paris - Luke Sezeck photography - Pont Neuf, Pont des Arts Alternative engagement photographer Paris- Luke Sezeck - couple portrait on Pont des ArtsCreative engagement photographer Paris - Luke Sezeck - american couple kiss on Pont des Arts

4. Sunrise over Cathedrale Notre Dame

This is just an ideal alternative spot for engagement photo shoot location in Paris. We were so lucky with Mia and Julian to enjoy this beauty and capture Cathedrale Notre Dame in the back of their sunrise engagement portraits before the big fire. It was a truly magical and emotional moment. Even though it was quite a chilly morning it was worth getting up that early and do these shots. In fact, we originally did not plan it, but as I had free morning the next day and the sunset on the shooting day was not as spectacular as we hoped for it to be – why not?

As an engagement photographer I always try my best to create diverse photo-story and make my couples happy at the end of the day. This is just the way I like to work in my photography world. We were glad we closed this Paris engagement shoot with Mia and Julian with these sunrise shots as they are naturally romantic and there is so much of Paris in them.. don’t you think? Maybe you fancy an engagement session in Paris?Pont Alexandre III photo shoot by Paris engagement photographer Luke Sezeck paris engagement photography at the sunset

5. Rue des Thermopyles

Escape from the noisy streets and find yourself among city greenery. This lovely, narrow and quiet street is nearly 300 meters long, is located in 14th arrondissement and will totally surprise you with its greenery. An ideal spot for an intimate engagement session in Paris. The street is only about a 15-minute walk from Gare Montparnasse. When you enter the street (for example starting from 87 Rue Raymond Losserand) you feel like you are in the countryside – I give you my word. The best time to shoot there is definitely spring and summer.

Apart from the visual beauty you can also smell all the colorful flowers and plants that seem to be all around you. Lovely for a couple photo session, isn’t it? One of the advantages of this alternative Paris engagement photo shoot location is the possibility to play with harsh light and shadow – I really enjoyed that. You can move here and there to find the best compositions and perfect light. It is fun and every photographer should appreciate what this tiny Paris street has to offer. intimate engagement portrait in montmartre by paris photographer - luke sezeck

6. Pont Alexandre III and more of Paris couple photography…

Let me just mention here Pont Alexandre III which is a very popular location for Paris engagement and elopement photo shoot, but I will write more about this spot in the next post very soon. I will also show you Ritz Paris elopement photography and amazing view from the rooftop of this legendary Paris hotel.

Ritz Paris rooftop and city view by Luke Sezeckcouple photo crafted by Luek Sezeck - engagement photographer in Paris

How much time should I save for my Paris engagement photo shoot?

Time always flies on the shoot, especially in Paris. Having your favorite Paris photo location list done will help a lot when you start talking to your Paris engagement photographer. If you know where exactly you want to go for the photos in Paris, it simply can save both your time on the photo shoot and your money. Speaking from experience I suggest at least three hours (3h) to be saved for the engagement shoot in Paris. It is the minimal time within which we can create amazing photography from at least two or three locations (depending on how far they are from each other). I always recommend at least three different locations in Paris because this allows us to create diversity in your Paris photo story. If you can allow a photo package for the shoot to last five hours (5h) – it sounds just perfect to me and we can definitely create something magical. Then your Paris engagement photo session will be unique and what’s very important – you will enjoy it instead of controlling the time.

american couple on the streets of paris by Luke Sezeck

What is Paris engagement photographer price?

You might want to know how much is the engagement photo shoot in Paris. Well, it depends. Paris is a very expensive city, but this doesn’t mean that couple photography must be also very expensive over there. Just think about how much time you would like to spend on the shoot and what your favorite Paris locations are. The price of creative Paris engagement and elopement photo shoot is usually between a thousand Euro (1000 EUR) for a 2-hour shoot, and two thousands Euro (2000 EUR) for a 4-5 hour photo shoot. It depends on the factors I described above. Take a look at my packages and prices for Paris engagement photography below. I hope it will help you to define your needs better and make a final decision about what collection suits you best. Finally, last but not least: please keep in mind that the package suggestion is always a starting point. The finish line will be always your expectations and needs.

engagement photographer Paris Luke Sezeck shoot a couple in the Museum of Romantic life

From Paris engagement to New York City Winery wedding photographer

Finishing this post let me quickly tell you about this happy ending of Paris engagement shoot with Mia and Julian. As I mentioned I used to live in New York City for a while, have friends there, and simply love visiting and explore this city (that never sleeps) with my camera. I believe there is no other city like New York for street photography and more… Mia and Julian were very happy about our engagement shoot in Paris and I felt we became friends after all. When they finally received their Paris photos there was even more joy and excitement.

After some time they started planning their wedding in New York City Winery and Julian wrote me an email asking if I could be their wedding photographer in New York City. I could not be happier to say yes. This was truly a fantastic adventure to meet them again and document their beautiful New York City Winery wedding. Thank you so much guys for your trust, openness, and great energy. And.. the beginning of all that happened later was in Paris – the city you should definitely visit as well. You will fall in love with it – I promise you that.couple photo shoot in Paris

Paris couple photo shoot summary- conclusions on engagement ideas

creative couple engagement portrait on Pont Neuf in Paris- Luke Sezeck

1. Do the homework:

Select your final locations. Paris is a truly amazing city with too many attractions. Read about them and select 3- 6 locations for your potential photo shoot that you like most. Talk to your engagement photographer in Paris about them and discuss the pros and cons. Select the best ones to meet your expectations. Remember about diversity: for example, pick one classic urban/city location like Trocadero or Place Vendome or Pont Alexandre III, the second one make more intimate city spot like the garden of the Musee de la Vie Romantique and the third one let it be a walk on typical Paris street with coffee shops and bakeries. This is just a quick example.

2. Plan it right:

Go according to the schedule. A good plan is half of the work done. Especially when shooting in Paris that is always packed. As most of the locations I recommend in this article for engagement photography in Paris work best in the morning (starting with the sunrise), give priority numbers to each of your locations and put time frames for each of them. Make the plan together with your photographer. Try to proceed with the shoot according to the plan.

3. Your outfit is important:

Prepare at least two sets. I used to tell my couples that their energy and interactions are the most important on the shoot, but the way you look is also crucial. Make yourself feel comfortable- it is as simple as that. Think about changing during your Paris photo session. Maybe your last location requires a different dress or shirt.. diversity, remember?

4. Choose the best Paris engagement photographer for you.

Choosing the right photographer for the Paris shoot might not be easy these days. There are too many offers on google and the decision process can be confusing. Apart from the style, packages and price try to know your photographer better. Find a person who you can trust. Communication and positive energy are crucial and this is why I always recommend Skype chat. It really feels great to be relaxed when working with an experienced Paris photographer, who understands your needs.

5. Have fun and enjoy Paris.

Have fun on your engagement photo shoot in Paris. Enjoy the city and celebrate this special time with your loved one. Hope to see you there soon.

Stay tuned for more genuine Paris engagement and elopement photography and feel free to write me few words via the contact form. I will answer your questions, advise, and help to make your Paris engagement plans come true. Thanks so much for reading my article. Luke