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Every time I wondered what countries I could visit in the future as a destination wedding photographer, my mind suggested England, Germany, France, Spain or Italy. Asia was on the list too, but more as a vacation plan than working on a wedding shoot. Well, it turned out to be both. When I was staying for a month in San Diego, California, Michael called me asking for my availability for his Polish-Chinese wedding taking place in Warsaw, Poland. I checked my calendar quick and let him know I was still available. Michael was calling me from Ho Chi Minh City at that time. Vietnam – USA chat about wedding photography in Warsaw, Poland- quite original, isn’t it? Well, that’s the short story about how our project started.

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Adrienne and Michael are wonderful couple and we got along very quickly. It was a pleasure to be with them during the wedding day.  For the outdoor shoot we all knew it had to be Vietnam– where they both currently live. I flew to Ho Chi Minh City in October and we spent two evenings on the shoot. Thanks to their lovely dog some part of the story is even more funny. Schnappi turned out to be a perfect model. Guys, if any of you have a dog and you are about to have a shoot- just take him with you, it’s always fun. If you have any questions or comments about this or another shoot, feel free to write me here!

Ada & Michael- thanks very much again for this Asian adventure! You did a great job on the plan, but first of all you’ve been great friends to me. Hope to see you again very soon. Wedding Couple: Adrienne & Michael. Wedding Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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