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Wedding photographer FranceWedding in Saint-Lunaire/Saint-Malo: I have always loved travels. Remember very well my first trip to Paris and Ile-de-France when I was in high school. That experience was simply awesome and made me coming back to Paris and France later on. Also the fact, that I have a wonderful family living there made this place even closer to my heart. Today I’m happy to share with you this destination wedding story of absolutely amazing couple Marie and Thibault.

Wedding photographer France

This Destination Wedding in France simply ment to be a perfect one:

Early in morning the breeze made the clouds go away and we could very soon enjoy the sun. Can’t really express how great it was to meet Marie and Thibault in person in the morning, when together with family and friends they were finishing decorate the venue. Minimal, mostly white table decoration and green tiny wooden and floral details made that place complete and beautiful. Getting ready we did for the bride and for the groom separately, which was fun. To be honest, I like this part of the wedding day a lot and always enjoy observing all the emotions being visible so much already.

The rest of the day was basically pure, genuine and spontaneous beauty those two created around themselves. I can tell how strong the family bonds are there while speeches were moving and so sincere. After cocktails and dinner the dance floor was so hot! How come pretty much all you guys can dance so well all the rock’n’rolls, twists and so much more..? I am still very impressed, really! I hope that you will be able to feel at least part of the beauty and magic that happened that day in Saint- Lunaire.

Marie, Thibault:  it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of Your Wedding. Artur, thanks a lot buddy for your invitation to join you as a wedding photographer in France. One love!!

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