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Rome Wedding Photographer

I believe this story I created as Rome Wedding Photographer doesn’t need much of introduction. Let me only say that I spent wonderful time in Rome with Lucy and Greg right after Way UP North conference. I attended this event for the first time and together with other Rome wedding photographers recharged the batteries of creativity. I wanted this story to be simple, genuine and natural. And it always wins. Let the images speak for themselves..

Wedding Photography Italy

rome wedding photographer

If you are a destination wedding photographer and plan to shoot a wedding, elopement or engagement session in Rome, enjoy the city’s highlights like Trastevere district, but also try to get away and visit at least some of the small towns only an hour drive away. It is absolutely worth it and you will be astonished by what you see and feel there. At least we were and I’m very grateful for this quality time spent with you guys- thank you! Enjoy the gallery and if you have any questions about this or another shoot, just write me here!

Couple: Lucja & Grzegorz
Location: Trevignano Romano & Bracciano- Lazio, Italy
Gear: Nikon D750 // Nikkor 45mm, 2.8 // Tamron 35mm, 1.8 // Sigma 85mm, 1.4

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