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Wedding Photographer Scotland

wedding photographer scotland

Wedding Photographer Scotland: Ewelina and Kamil decided to have rather spontaneous photo session before their wedding than after. They live in Glasgow area but love Scottish Highlands the most. I’m such a crazy nature lover that I liked the whole idea a lot from the very first moment.

Pre-Wedding Shoot in wild Highlanads

We started our trip in the morning from some hidden mysterious canyon, close to the place they live, where the mountain stream water  was incredibly red and the greenery deep and sort of tropical in color. That was a great start and nice warm up for all of us. After that we hit the road and get to the beautiful and windy Scottish Highlands. I had some visions of that destination before in my mind and some expectations, but literally every single view was better from the previous one and we all enjoyed that trip a lot. You have to be lucky to get what we got that day. It was raining pretty much all day and we had few nice gaps without rain that we successfully took advantage of. We have finished our photoshoot next day with a nice morning walk in Clyde Muirshell Regional Park, which was only about one hour drive from Glasgow city area. This time we did not have to worry about rain and wind. Only few of the ships we have passed on our way were a bit too much interested what we were doing there ;) What an ideal two-day plan for a wedding photographer Scotland.

Destination Wedding Photography

If you are a nature lover and enjoy being surrounded by windy mountains, than you definitely have to visit Scotland one day. Enjoy this engagement shoot and feel great natural vibes our planet  offers us every day. Thanks a lot again Ewelina and Kamil for taking me there and sharing all the spectacular spots and views with me. I will definitely be back there soon.

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