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Another day, another story from Wedding Photographer Rome. Yet, this one is somehow special. It’s about being spontaneous and opened for new experience. It’s also about getting out of the comfort zone and having trust in your skills. And of course it’s about love again.

I’m sure most of you know the city of Rome quite well. But there is this amazing part of it called Trastevere, where I spent a perfect afternoon last summer. My wedding couple I was supposed to photograph that day called me saying that they were going to be late. What a wedding photographer in Rome could do? Just bought myself a coffee, sat down on the stairs of Piazza Trilussa square and started talking to this amazing couple sitting right next to me and enjoying that sunny day in the city. As I was never shy it was not that easy for me to ask them to go for a short walk with me around Trastevere, Rome and maybe take some pictures. But after two minute talk they were truly in love with the idea and that was why I simply had to give it a chance.

Love Session in Trastevere

Few minutes later we were already walking down the narrow streets of Trastevere Rome. This part of Italian capital city is full of ancient houses and mysterious spots and squares. You have to be really focused to notice all of them. The whole area was beautifully green (so many different plants and flowers). In addition, all the Italian tastes from dozens of great restaurants and coffee shops made that place even more magical. But, you know: the place is still only a place. Without great people it’s nothing more than piece of history. To me Martina and Fabrizio were a perfect match for Trastevere that evening, and this is first of all a story about them- about being young and free. It’s also about being open for others and enjoying simple things like a spontaneous walk with a Wedding Photographer Rome.

Guys, meet Martina and Fabrizio- my favourite couple of Trastevere, Rome!