Wedding Photographer WarsawAdrienne & MichaelWarsaw // Poland

When I was staying for a month in San Diego, California, Michael called me asking for my availability for his Polish-Chinese wedding taking place in Warsaw, Poland. I checked my calendar quick and let him know I was still available. Michael was calling me from Ho Chi Minh City at that time. Vietnam <-> USA chat about wedding photography in Warsaw, Poland, isn’t it original? Well, that’s the short story about how our “wedding project” started.

Adrienne and Michael are wonderful couple and we got along very quickly. It was a pleasure to be with them during the wedding day.
For the outdoor shoot we all knew it had to be Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam- where they both currently live. I flew there in October and we spent two evenings on the shoot. You can also check their Vietnamese Wedding Session here.

Wedding Couple: Adrienne & Michael
Wedding Location: Warsaw suburbs, Poland
Wedding Date: August 2015

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